Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel
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EX-CSS 8-180-2P+D-M-L-3G/D
• Pre-wired cable 7-pole
• Ex certified
• Comfortable diagnostics through sensor LED and electronic signalling output
• Thermoplastic enclosure
• Electronic contact-free, coded system
• Ø M18
• Misaligned actuation possible
• High repeat accuracy of the switching points
• Max. length of the sensor chain 200 m
• Early warning when operating near the limit of the sensor's hysteris range
• Self-monitoring series-wiring of 16 sensors
• 2 short-circuit proof PNP safety outputs

Ordering details
Product type descriptionEX-CSS 8-180-2P+D-M-L-3G/D
Article number101189302
EAN Code4030661347158
Approval EEX
StandardsEN ISO 13849-1, IEC 61508
PLup e
Control categoryup 4
PFH2.5 x 10−9/h
SILbis 3
Mission time20 Years
Global Properties
Permanent lightEX-CSS 180
StandardsEN 60079-0, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-31
Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes
Suitable for safety functions (Y/N)Yes
FunctionSensor for series wiring
Series-wiringup to 16 components
Length of the sensor chainmax. 200 m
Active principleinductive
- Material of the nutsPlastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
- Material of the active surfacePlastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
- Material of the housingsPlastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
Housing construction formcylinder, thread
Cable colourGrey ( OUT)
Reaction time≤ 30
Duration of risk≤ 30
Cascadable (Y/N)No
Recommended actuatorCST 180-1, CST 180-2
Mechanical data
Design of electrical connectionCable
- Connector OUT7-pole
- Connector IN-
Cable length2
Conductors7 x 0,25
mechanical installation conditionsnot flush
Switch distance Sn8 mm
Ensured switch distance ON Sao7 mm
Ensured switch distance OFF Sar10 mm
hysteresis≤ 0,7 mm
Repeat accuracy R R≤ 0,2 mm
restistance to shock30 g / 11 ms
Resistance to vibration10 … 55 HZ, Amplitude 1 mm
Impact energymax. 2 Nm
Tightening torque for nutsA/F 24 max. 300 Ncm
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature−25
- Max. environmental temperature+40
Storage and transport temperature
- Min. Storage and transport temperature−25
- Max. Storage and transport temperature+85
Protection classIP65, IP67
Protection ratingII
Air clearances and creepage distances To IEC/EN 60664-1
- Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp0,8 kV
- Overvoltage categoryIII
- Degree of pollution3
Electrical data
Cross circuit/short circuit recognition possible (Y/N)Yes
Voltage typeDC
Supply voltage UB
- Min. supply voltage20.4 VDC
- Max. supply voltage26.4 VDC
Switch frequency3
Rated insulation voltage Ui32 VDC
Residual current Ir≤ 0,5 mA
Operating current Ie1 A
Utilisation categoryDC-12: 24 V / 0,05 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,05 A
No-load current I00,05 A
Electrical data - Safety outputs
Safety outputsY1 and Y2
Fuse ratingshort-circuit proof, p-type
Design of control outputPNP
Number of secure semi-conductor outputs2
Max. output current at secured output0,5 A
Rated operating voltage24 VDC
Operating current Ie0,5 A
Utilisation categoryDC-12: 24 V / 0,05
DC-13: 24 V / 0,05
Voltage drop Ud0,5 V
Electrical data - Diagnostic output
Fuse ratingshort-circuit proof, p-type
Design of control outputPNP
Number of semi-conductor outputs with signaling function1
Rated operating voltage24 VDC
Operating current Iemax. 0,05 A
Utilisation categoryDC-12, DC-13
Wiring capacitance for serial diagnosticsmax. 50 nF
LED switching conditions display
LED switching conditions display (Y/N)Yes
Multi-coloured LEDgreen, red, yellow
EX-markingEX II 3G Ex nA IIC T6 Gc X
EX II 3D Ex tc IIIC T70°C Dc X
Explosion protection categories for gasesATEX gas ex-protection, Cat. 3
Explosion protection Zones for gases2
Explosion protected category for dustsATEX dust ex-protection, Cat. 3
Explosion protection Zones for dusts22
Dimensions of the sensor
- Length of sensor92
- Diameter of sensorM18
Pin assignment
1 - A1 UeBrown
2 - Y2 Safety output 2red
3 - A2 GNDBlue
4 - Y1 Safety output 1Black
5 - X 1 Safety input 1violet
6 - X 2 Safety input 2White
7 - Signalling outputGrey
Requirements for the safety monitoring module2-channel safety input, suitable for p-type sensors with NO function. The safety monitoring module must tolerate internal functional tests of the sensors with cyclic switch-off of the sensor outputs for max. 2 ms. The safety monitoring module does not need to have a cross-wire short monitoring function.
Series-wiring of sensors:
16 self-monitoring safety sensors can be wired in series without loss ot control category 4 to EN ISO 13849-1. The redundant output of the first sensor is wired into the input of the next sensor.
The voltage drop over a long sensor chain should be taken into account when planning cable routing. It depends on several factors which are operating voltage, cable length, ambient temperature, number of sensors series connected, and input load of the safety control monitor.
Included in delivery
Actuators must be ordered separately.
Mounting accessories2 x Nuts M 18 x 1
KeywordsEx, EEx, ATEX, Ex CSS180, EX CSS 180, CSS 180 EX, CSS180ex, CSS 180 ex, ATEX CSS 180

Note Diagram
  positive break NC contact
  no active
  Normally-open contact
  Normally-closed contact

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