Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel
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• Design M12
• Metal enclosure
• DC 3-wire
• higher switching distance

Ordering details
Product type descriptionIFL 4B-12-01PK1
Article number101113602
EAN Code4030661047324
Approval CCC
Global Properties
Permanent lightIFL - M 12
StandardsIEC/EN 60947-5-2; DIN VDE 0660-208
Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes
Operating resource protection classNone
- Material of the housingsBrass
- Material of the nutsBrass, nickel-plated
- Material of the cable mantlePVC
- Material of the active surfacePlastic
Housing coatingnickel-plated
Housing construction formcylinder, thread
Mechanical data
Design of electrical connectionCable
Cable length2
Conductor with strain reliefNo
Conductors3 x 0,14
mechanical installation conditionsQuasi-embeddable
- Steel≥ 2.4 mm x
- other metalx ≥ 1.2 mm
Switch distance Sn4 mm
Reduction factor 1 met (Y/N)No
Protection circuitProtection against polarity reversal, inductive interference protection, short-circuit and overload proof (pulsed)
Pressure resistant (Y/N)No
Tightening torque for nutsA/F 17 max. 1500 Ncm
- in the shell core area: max. 500 Ncm
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature−25
- Max. environmental temperature+70
Protection classIP67 to IEC/EN 60529
Electrical data
Design of control elementOpener (NC)
Number of wire3
Voltage typeDC, direct current
Supply voltage
- Min. supply voltage5
- Max. supply voltage40
Switch frequencyapprox. 550 HZ
Voltage drop Udapprox. 1.3 V (200 mA)
Operating current Ie200 mA
No-load current I0approx. 0,5 mA (24 V)
Design of control outputPNP
LED switching conditions display
LED switching conditions display (Y/N)Yes
- yellow LED
Explosion protection categories for gasesNone
Explosion protected category for dustsNone
Dimensions of the sensor
- Length of sensor53.3
- Diameter of sensorM12

Note Diagram
  positive break NC contact
  no active
  Normally-open contact
  Normally-closed contact

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