Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel
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CSS 34

• Thermoplastic enclosure
• Electronic contact-free, coded system
• Misaligned actuation possible
• 27 mm x 108.2 mm x 35 mm
• High repeat accuracy of the switching points
• Max. length of the sensor chain 200 m
• 2 short-circuit proof PNP safety outputs
• Integral cross-short, wire-breakage and external voltage monitoring of the safety cables up to the control cabinet

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 Product type descriptionSerial diagnostics (Y/N) Design of electrical connection Active area   
CSS 14-34F0-S-D-M-STNoconnector plug M12, 8-polelateral 
CSS 14-34F1-S-D-M-STNoconnector plug M12, 8-polelateral 
CSS 14-34-S-SD-M-STYesconnector plug M12, 8-polelateral 
CSS 14-34-S-SD-M-LYesCable (Y-UL 2517), 8-polelateral 
CSS 14-34-S-D-M-STNoconnector plug M12, 8-polelateral 
CSS 14-34-S-D-M-LNoCable (Y-UL 2517), 8-polelateral 
CSS 12-34F0-V-D-M-STNoconnector plug M12, 8-polefront 
CSS 12-34F1-V-D-M-STNoconnector plug M12, 8-polefront 
CSS 12-34-V-SD-M-STYesconnector plug M12, 8-polefront 
CSS 12-34-V-D-M-STNoconnector plug M12, 8-polefront 
CSS 12-34-V-D-M-LNoCable (Y-UL 2517), 8-polefront 
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