Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel
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• Explosion protection for ATEX Zones 2 and 22
• Metal enclosure
• Wide range of alternative actuators
• Good resistance to oil and petroleum spirit
• 40,5 mm x 76 mm x 38 mm
• Actuator heads can be repositioned by 4 x 90°
• Ex-certified screwed cable gland
• Mounting details to EN 50041
• 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5
• Ex certified
• Snap action with constant contact pressure up to switching point

Ordering details
Product type description EX-Z1K 335-11Z-3G/D - Ordering suffix
Article number 101193510
EAN code 4030661356266
Approval ATEX
Standards EN ISO 13849-1
B10d Normally-closed contact (NC) 20.000.000
Mission time 20 Years
Global Properties
Product name EX-Z 335 Rollenhebel 1K
Standards EN 60079-0, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-31, EN 60947-5-1, BG-GS-ET-15
Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes
Suitable for safety functions (Y/N) Yes
- Material of the housings Aluminium
- Material of the contacts Silver
Housing coating painted
Housing construction form Norm construction design
Weight 234 g
Mechanical data
Design of electrical connection Screw connection
Cable cross-section of the cable glands
- Min. Cable cross-section of the cable glands 7 mm
- Max. Cable cross-section of the cable glands 12 mm
Cable section
- Min. Cable section 0,75 mm²
- Max. Cable section 2.5 mm²
AWG-Number 13
Mechanical life 30.000.000 operations
Switching frequency max. 5000 /h
notice All indications about the cable section are including the conductor ferrules.
Design of actuating element Offset roller lever
Actuating force min. 12 N
Bounce duration in accordance with actuating speed
Switchover time < 2 ms
Impact energy max. 4 J
Actuating speed with actuating angle 30° to switch axis
- Min. Actuating speed
- Max. Actuating speed 0,5 m/s
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature −20 °C
- Max. environmental temperature +60 °C
Protection class IP67
Electrical data
Design of control element Normally open contact (NO), Opener (NC)
Switching principle Snap switch element
- positive break NC contact
Number of auxiliary contacts 1 piece
Number of safety contacts 1 piece
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 6 kV
Rated insulation voltage Ui 500 V
Thermal test current Ithe 10 A
Utilisation category AC-15: 230 V / 4 A,
DC-13: 24 V / 1 A
Max. fuse rating 6 A gG D-fuse
EX II 3D Ex tc IIIC T90°C Dc X
EX II 3G Ex nC IIC T5 Gc X
Explosion protection categories for gases 3G
Explosion protection Zones for gases 2
Explosion protected category for dusts 3D
Explosion protection Zones for dusts 22
Dimensions of the sensor
- Width of sensor 40.5 mm
- Height of sensor 118.5 mm
- Length of sensor 38 mm
Keywords Ex, EEx, ATEX, Ex 235, Ex 235, 235 Ex, 235ex, 235ex, ATEX 235

Note Diagram
  positive break NC contact
  no active
  Normally-open contact
  Normally-closed contact
Switch travel diagram

Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel
Ordering suffix
The applicable ordering suffix is added at the end of the part number of the safety switch.
Order example: EX-Z1K 335-11Z-3G/D-1297
...-1297 Enclosure with transverse slotted holes

...-1637 0,3 µm gold-plated contacts

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